Felon Unite Program Information

About Us

Felon Unite Program (FelonUp) is a Non-Profit Organization that aims to lift up Youth and Adult men in the Justice system. We accomplish this through our unique team of formerly incarcerated mentors and retired Correctional employees. In the Juvenile we prepare young men sentenced as adults, to become the future leaders in the Prison community. In the adult facility we seek out the leaders in the Prison community today; to become the Youth Guides of tomorrow. 


Our mission is to unite Felon's stories, passions, and gifts to create impact and support in the Juvenile and adult facilities.


Re-Imagining the future of Prevention & Re-Entry through strategic mentorships, training, and education. Felon Unite Program is going to lead the way as a resource to eliminate the stigma around released felons.

What We Do

Adult Facility

Guarding Your Meaning: Choosing your business (6) Week Course

Nuts & Bolts: Establishing a business, Insurance, etc. 

Business of Life: Complete Business Series (24) Week Course

Juvenile Facility

Felon Guide: Utilizing the experiences of formerly incarcerated individuals to help guide youth who will be sentenced as adults navigate the adult prison system.