About Us

Sober Scientific is a medical diagnostics distributor and provides some of the best point-of-care solutions in the marketplace. We are built on the idea that positive health transformation can be accomplished through ongoing innovation and strategic sourcing of quality products. Our focus is built on customer-driven initiatives that enhance cost savings and improve access to valuable products. Utilizing advanced business intelligence and interactive reporting tools, we deliver solutions that increase clinical effectiveness and streamline supply chain efficiencies.

What Makes Us Unique?

Sober Scientific is established on a culture of customer accountability and interaction. Purchasing details are transparent to enhance sustainability and help promote quality performance. Our distribution cycle is centered around fast and easy user interaction. The healthcare supply chain has become an important part of today's distribution infrastructure and finding a reliable partner is imperative. We begin with communicating and understanding your expectations from the start, and seeing it through until fulfillment. Whatever your objective is, we have the solutions to meet your need.


Preferred Purchasing Options

We uniquely prioritize products that qualify for participating on our preferred purchasing program. Our goal is to encourage an in-depth understanding of every product and transparency around the development of products that are more environmentally friendly. Our preferred purchasing options consist of Clinically Preferred Product (CPP) and Environmentally Preferred Product (EPP). Factoring comprehensive clinical studies and environmental health influences into purchasing decisions, can help enhance quality performance and reward good manufacturing practices.