Forensic Use Only

Products classified as Forensic Use Only (FUO) have not been cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and are not for in vitro diagnostic use and may not be used for medical or diagnostic purposes. FUO devices may not be used in a clinical setting to diagnose or identify ailments, dependency, or illness.

Forensic Use Only products are intended for use in drugs of abuse testing for law enforcement purposes only. FUO devices may only be used by companies or agencies associated with the criminal justice system which include but are not limited to: police, corrections, probation, parole, and the judicial courts and government agencies such as the Coast Guard, Department of Defense (DoD), Navy, Air Force, Army, and Marines and any laboratory performing forensic testing for these entities.

Devices classified as Forensic Use Only should not be distributed for "At Home" or "Over the Counter" use in the United States and its territories, nor are they intended to be marketed or sold to end users where the customer is unknown. Additionally, some FUO devices may now be available for Insurance and Employment use.

We value your business and hope that this information assists you. If you have any questions about the intended use and appropriate setting for FUO devices, please contact us today.